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Translators and Translations, Riplinger

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Translators and Translations, Riplinger

Are Modern Translations Trustworthy? Play List with 112 videos.


The Message - The emerging 'new' Christianty---with its substitution of riches for righteous, a crown for a cross, and an imitation for a new creation---is shown to be a direct result of the wording in the new versions.

Documented are the thousands of words, verses, and doctrines by which new versions will prepare the aspostate churches of these last days to accept the religion of the Antichrist--even his mark, image, and Lucifer worship.

The Men - Each page opens a door exposing new version editors--in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy--in mental institutions, seance parlors, prison cells, and court rooms for heresy trials--and most shocking of all--denying that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Five have lost their ability to speak.

The Manuscripts - The Greek manuscripts, critical editions, lexicons and dictionaries behind the new versions are examined, revealing their occult origins, contents, and yet unreleased material--a blueprint for the Antichrist's One World Religion and government.

Presented also is the latest research proving the Authorized King James Version represents not only Christianity's earliest and most widely used Greek text, but is the easiest version to read according to computer analysis based formulas from the Flesch-Kincaid research firm.

Bible Comparison
Bible Words Removed
Bible Verses Removed

Run time 2 hours
Producer Gail Riplinger
Production Company AV Publications
Audio/Visual sound, color
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Reviewer: brainheart - - October 22, 2015
Subject: very poor quality video
quite unwatchable, has very poor image and even worse audio track. Can see better quality on youtube
Reviewer: truth-is-less-painful - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 13, 2013
Subject: Not being stupid...means dealing with the specifics of the data in the Video. Listen, take notes, and do your research for yourself.... many want to censor this material...because it is too accurate, and many false christians (church attenders under false pastors ) are afraid of truth.
Well there you go !

Someone finally gave their opinion, and came out with a label, in order to condemn something they WISH were not true.

Let's call something "the stupidist thing". Really ? the Stupidist thing ?

What does that mean ? A sign of a sheltered life ? A confession that the listener does not understand the English languge ?

Its interesting with those who use labels, that they fail to provide specifics.

In other words, what people hope you do is to not listen, not think, not learn, and that way, all will be bliss, and you can go back to falling asleep, not caring for lost souls, and not helping your fellow man (or woman) learn and know what spiritual truth is.

It is true that the Modern versions are based on incorrect falsified manuscripts

[type in: Hoskier and Codex B, in order to find the documentation about this]

It is true that Westcott and Hort were occultists, and that they changed more than 3000 verses in all Bibles that have been translated from their work, as a result of the work that they produced and mis-translated.

[type in : Burgon New Testament Text, to find the documentation by Oxford Professor John Burgon ]

[ type in: rejected egyptian manuscripts westcott, to find the details of the Greek texts used in translations and their history].

Don't be discouraged. The Truth CAN be found. Accurate versions DO exist.

It is true that the many Friends of Westcott and Hort, were leaders in the religious establishment of England, and many of them wrote books admitting that they themselves were occultists and that their friends (and they) belonged to secret societies.

It is further true that these friends of Westcott and Hort did not agree that the Bible was the word of God, that there truly was a Heaven and Hell, and that each individual would be held accountable for the choices of whether to learn about and follow God, or to take
the well-worn path to being ignorant, of the spiritual conflict that is involved regarding each soul.

The books [the occult underground] and [the occult establishment] by professor James Webb document just how prolific occult influence was in the British Empire, and in England, at the higher circles of those who ran the United Kingdom, and the plans for global domination of the Rhodes Circle, not simply through the Rhodes-Beit-Rothschild-Balfour-Milner circles, but also through the Official Church of England elites, which specialized in keeping accurate spiritual information FROM the masses [ read the books on Secret History of the Oxford movement by Walsh, available here free, as one – one – example].

Bookworm claims to be a Christian. I do not doubt that she claims this. She may even follow a christ. But how can it be the Christ of God, when bookworm contradicts truth, and refuses to accept accurate DATA, and hopes that people will not even be willing to ask themselves the harder questions about the politics of faulty translations of the Bible, and the impact this has on YOUR spiritual walk and spiritual life.

censorship is not the solution. comparison with the scriptures, reading sources, studying issues, those are the steps needed for each to take.

[ for example, type in: Hidden History Greek Testament, to find out some of those harder questions, that Bookworm777, false shepherds, and counterfeit seminary professors hope that you do not start asking yourself ...about their work ].

The Test of whether the video is accurate is not complicated. Simply write down the statements made, and then go and find out , by doing research for yourself online (or here), whether or not the statements made are accurate. And overwelmingly, they are. Truth hurts, but it hurts a lot less than accepting to be spiritually deceived. [Type in: Hidden Dangers Rainbow or: Staging messiah, for additional facts].

Whether I am accurate or not, I CITE my sources. If others have actual objections, they could write about them and post them, but they don't.

They also don't do their research. They Want something to be real (such as the modern falsified versions that they use) and therefore they refuse to seek truth. They refuse to study to show themselves to be approved. They refuse to be ready to give an answer to every individual, of the reason for the hope that is within them. The reason ? Most of the time, is this hard to figure out ? Those who have not been regenerated have no spiritual discernment, less spiritual understanding, and condemn the actions of those who actively seek truth.

Their own reward will not be long in arriving. Soon there will be a nice new messiah, who hangs around Earth for awhile, actually around 7 years. Don't worry, he will do all sorts of nice signs and wonders, and he will do away with all economic hardship. All you have to do is take a little tatoo or mark in your right hand or forehead (read Revelations 13). What could be wrong with that ??

And if you want, go back and actually use the leads in provided in this post. Instead of the labels, I cite sources. What you chose to do with your spiritual life as God watches over you, your motives, and your commitment to Him, that is your personal and individual choice. Just do yourself a favor, don't close your mind to truth, or claim to be a bookworm, without actually reading the books.

There are many who will claim to be followers of Christ. But if they reject the words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and if they tell you that they do not care about His words, and they do not care whether what he is quoted as saying is true or not, that informs you right away, about which spiritual sources are being accepted, and which source is being rejected. [ Not sure if actual Christian ? type in: saved, eternal life, God ] .

Many people are afraid of contemplating or wrestling with these questions, because in order to do this, they must take personal responsiblity for their own spiritual life and choices. But the responsibility was theirs already before, whether they knew this or not. So accepting to be misled or deceived by your own local false pastor, and those who bring you false emotional comfort, that is not called following Jesus Christ. That is called following the path of spiritual deception. And with so many false Pastors in false churches today, spiritual deception happens every single day, especially in America.

You should pray and ask God to help you love truth, to help you WANT to study His Word, to open your eyes and mind to what is a true version, and what is a false version of the Bible. You should ask God to give you spiritual discernment, and to help you to Love HIS Word. True Christians would welcome prayers such as this.

There are false leaders in the church, and in many churches today. Go listen to the videos of Richard Bennett on the Emergent Church, and learn the facts. There are very few spiritual shepherds today, that would be recognized as Christian leaders, based on the historic standards of the old Christians. What is being passed off as Christianity these days, is often a lot of occult material. And looking into that material will confirm that. Don't sacrifice either your eternity, or truth, for short-term material comfort. Stop being lazy. Quit being a standard " I don't use my brain" standard evangelical. Refuse to accept being spiritually deceived. You don't actually think that your soul is worth saving ? Work out your own salvation, study to show yourself approved, and examine yourselves to see ( to determine) whether or not you are actually in the true and authentic Faith of God.

If you want to find truth, the least you can do is start by reading the books, evaluating the claims, and watching some of the older videos. That is the least you aught to do in anycase, in order to make up your own mind.

Reviewer: bookworm777 - favorite - August 4, 2013
Subject: This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen!
I am a Christian, and I blush at the sheer ignorance that spews from this woman's mouth. She needs to learn something about biblical languages and textual criticism before she opens up her mouth. It is people like this that foster the caricature that Christian are all idiots. People are now stupider for having listened to her.

To anyone who is listening to this, please know that this is hog wash. This woman knows nothing about what she is talking about. The negligent manner in which she purports to know what she is talking about when in fact she does't is criminal. She is blind leading the blind, and they will both fall into a pit. It grieves me to see this sort of misinformation infecting the Church.
Reviewer: TimeBaseCorrector - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 2, 2012
Subject: Compelling Evidence to Stick to the King James Version!
This video contains the most convincing argument I have yet seen that we should stick to the KJV. And good news: It's in the public domain and freely available online. God does not allow a copyright on his word. If it's copyrighted, don't read it!

Skeptical? Watch this video! It contains great research. I may watch it a 2nd time to help me in my bible studies.
Reviewer: GISGeek - favorite - August 1, 2011
Subject: Amazing
The arguments brought up by riplinger in this video and her book are truly amazing. You can find an examples of the poor logic, lack of honesty, misrepresentations and faulty research in the comments of her supporters. IE "Does a translator of the Old or New Testament need ... spiritual discernment" ? Completely avoiding the issue that Riplinger cant translate the texts she is talking about. She cant read Greek or Hebrew (as she had to publicly admit on Wayne House’s Radio show) yet is called a "translator". If one can somehow get by that, the fact she slaughters the pronunciation of words constantly like "kokab", "lineage", "discernment" and "Papyri" and makes up new words like “copywriten” (though claiming to be a linguistic "expert") you are given the fact she declared ALL Greek and Hebrew study tools to be "corrupt" Hazardous Materials page 37. So, if ALL study tools are corrupt, she cant read Greek or Hebrew, how did she collate the texts as she claims?

Another example, " If Riplinger had no college at all (even though she has taught as a College professor), she would still be better qualified than most Textual Critics today" Again, no, since she cant read what she is criticizing, that would disqualify the above statement as well. Also again, she was a professor in interior decorating and home economics, not biblical studies, biblical languages or anything related to it. The only time she ever instructed a class in language what so ever was English as a second language for 2-3 years.

“besides trying to attack someone” …as if Mrs Riplinger’s assault upon BF Westcortt by ascribing to him the writings of WW Westcott (a point she defended publically by saying BF westcotts sone once said his fathers “B”’s looked like “W”s is not an attack? As someone here pointed out, BF Westcott is NOT the same person as WW Westcott and in fact published “Sepher Yetzirah” in 1911, 10 YEARS after BF Westcott was dead! Such is the “honesty” presented in this video.

When one attempts to simply point out the numerous errors and misrepresentations made in this video (they are legion) her supporters accuse one of attempting to “censor” her and then have the gall to proclaim “Is that the honest way to conduct intellectual inquiry?” As if the same person (as evidenced bythe fact that the accounts were made the same day and have the same sentence structure) creating 2 accounts to put pro Riplinger reviews up was “honest”. As if proclaiming that %99 of the world speaks English was honest, as if bnlindly proclaiming westcott and hort were occultist was honest.

The simple fact remains the video and the book which it is based are chalked full of
errors and dishonest statements like those mentioned below. The fact for instance that in
the video the claim is made that the NIV wanted to keep fasting a secret while failing to
point out that the NIV uses the word more than the KJ does speaks volumes and is typical
of the other baseless claims made by Riplinger. For instance she claims the NKJV
“omits” the word “Lord” 66 times. She fails to grasp that using a different word is not
“omitting” anything but, simply using a different word. All that also sets up the KJ as the standard not the original language which again riplinger couldn’t read anyway. Since she proclaims all study tools are corrupt, how did she check it? She didn’t. Its apparent in the video. You will have 2 groups of people rating this, 1 group rating it on its subject will rate it low, the second rating it because it features the mindless rantings of a paranoid woman who has been shown multiple times publicly to be dishonest like her claim to only be married once, when her 2 divorces are a matter of public record.
Reviewer: treetop8 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2011
Subject: Does a translator of the Old or New Testament need ... spiritual discernment ?
It is interesting how people will try to say something bad about Riplinger, INSTEAD OF talking about the a) the Evidence and b) the points that she makes in the video as well as in her book [new age versions -1993 ]. If you want to critique her work, you should start by reading her book, because that is where the research is. The videos only support the book. But it is not a substitute for it.

If Riplinger had no college at all (even though she has taught as a College professor), she would still be better qualified than most Textual Critics today, who hold their own college positions because of their devotion to political correctness, and their willingness to constantly attack the Old and New Testaments. As Riplinger stands among those who is defending the Word of God, she at least is making the effort, and has put forth much good research with extensive documentation.

What exactly is it that you have been doing with your Christian Walk, besides trying to attack someone whose work brings up good questions and raises solid academic points for intellectual consideration ?

Should we censor Gail ? Quick, she might make someone think...lets censor her ? she may say something inconvenient, lets try to condemn her, lets try and pin labels on her... Is that the honest way to conduct intellectual inquiry ?

Is it Riplinger’s fault that Westcott and Hort were occultists ?

Is it Riplinger’s fault that The Society for Psychical Research, has given credit to Westcott, for working for them as Secretary of the organization for many many years ?

Is it Riplinger’s fault that Westcott’s group, the Ghostly Guild was studying demonic possession, automated writing, aparatitions, clarevoyance, and that those are occult practices that Christians are commanded to stay away from ?

Is it Riplinger’s fault that Westcott owned up to being the founder of the Ghostly Guild with Hort, and that Westcott wrote about this in his letters, which have been published, thereby confirming what Gail Riplinger has said ?

Is it Riplinger’s fault that the Ghostly Guild only later on became known under its new name, the Society for Psychical Research ?

Is it Riplinger’s fault that FJA Hort says in his works (Life and Letters) that the standard historic ancient Greek New Testament is VILE ? Westcott and Hort were part of others movements also. They just hoped that others would not know this . ; . At the time, the Anglican church had much trouble from occulist infiltration, as well as from those who wanted the Anglican Church to join with Rome. Westcott and Hort favored both movements. Today, those movements continue, and secularism has become another basis that can be used, often against historic truth. The Textus Receptus is even available [[ here ]] . ; , already. And Burgon and others had already traveled to examine Vaticanus in person . ;, and they found it defective. Others who have done those studies have reached the same conclusions.

Is it Riplinger’s fault that most Bible publishers today are secularists, who don’t care about the content, and many of the modern versions and their staffs admit or display that the professors who translated for them, actually don’t believe in the very book (the Bible) that they are translating ?

[One example is the Revised Standard Version ( RSV ) of 1946-52 where not one of its 9 translators actually claimed to believe in Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, nor the virgin birth, nor the inspiration of the text. ] Is it Gail Riplinger ‘s fault that the New Testament teaches that it takes someone who is spiritually regenerated to have the needed spiritual insight to understand the contents of the N.T ? IF that is true, then what does that mean if many of the modern versions are translated by those who do not believe ?

It happens that most, we can actually say MOST of the friends of Westcott and Hort themselves wrote books, many books, and in their books, they speak of a) their devotion to the occult and b) their friendships with Westcott and Hort ? Is that something we should blame Gail Riplinger for, that these people all decided to talk, and that they CONFIRM what Gail has pointed out ?

One of Gail’s critics here makes the point concerning the NIV that it did not omit the word “fasting” in ALL of the places where the word is traditionally mentioned, therefore HOW does that account for the choice to OMIT fasting, when it should NOT have been edited out, even once ? The only way for someone to believe that this is alright, is to agree with Vaticanus and disagree with the 99% of manuscripts that do NOT support it [see the work of Hoskier, available also, where he exposes Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, line by line].

Riplinger work on New Age version remains valid and accurate, even though it was written back in 1993. It is interesting that instead of attacking the material (which Exposes Westcott and Hort and their reliance on Greek false copies), it is Gail who is reviled. The NIV, NASB, TEV, CEV and most modern versions are Westcott and Hort texts. They reflect the omissions and changes made by Westcott and Hort. But you will not notice that unless and until you have made a habit of reading more accurate versions, such as the [ Geneva ] . ;
or the Original KJV (look for the links). (sadly, the minsnamed NKJV follows vaticanus through the work of Von Soden).

If you are not familiar with truth, you are not likely to spot the errors, and it is worth noting that the great falling away is not taking place by people who are using accurate versions. The people who have great spiritual instability and don’t know what they believe have one feature in common, overwhelmingly, which is that they use modern versions.

It is really hard, oh so difficult, so greatly impossible, to actually get a dictionary (such as [ Vol 1 ] . ;Webster’s 1828 [ Vol 2 ] . ;dictionary, which is Free), and learn how to actually a) look up words and b) write them down. Learning a language properly actually DOES take time, and if you relationship with God is not worth it, and you do not value that, then you will not value the words of God.

The evidence for much of what Gail wrote happens to be in English. Westcott and Hort wrote their books and their letters in English. The false teachers about the versions write much of what they do, in English. Those who know ONLY English are HARDLY without evidence, concerning the points that Riplinger raises... even though the works are written in English.

English....what a “ Narrow “ choice of languages, just because 99% of the world already speaks it. Bad Gail ! she should obviously have made a different choice of languages. Her issues about Hebrew are just as valid, even though she is speaking in English.

When Gail talks about Kittel and exposes that Kittel himself is the one who said that he did not believe in the accuracy of the Old Testament, even the very Old Testament that he translated, that happens to be RELEVANT.

It tells me that someone is trying to get me to use their New Testament in Hebrew, which Kittel translated, even though, the translator Kittel says that he does not believe that it is possible to know what the true Old Testament looked like. Obviously Kittel did not believe in divine inspiration, nor in divine preservation.

And when Jesus quotes the Old Testament (which he does) and mentions the different categories of the Prophets, and the Law, and also credits MOSES as being the author, according to Kittel Jesus was lying, or deluded. So Kittel who translated the Old Testament used in almost ALL the modern versions, does NOT believe in the words of Jesus Christ.

That probably is something that Gail should have kept to herself, is it ? And never mind telling people the truth about their Old Testament, even though they have GOOD Old Testament which is accurately translated, such as the King James Version ???

Kittel was - in his case - a secularist who believed (contrary to what the Bible teaches) that Elohim and Jehovah/Yawyh/YHVH were Two (2) DIFFERENT gods. That is what the guy who translated your Old Testament in the Modern Versions believed. Are you comfortable with his spiritual understanding or discernment ? Can you find a Modern translation that is NOT using the false translation of Kittel for the Old Testament ? That view of Kittel about God is totally against what the Old Testament teaches, AND Kittel is maintaining his false views about Yaweh, in direct contradiction to Jesus’ statement that attribute those very books of the Old Testament to MOSES.

So it is Kittel that knew better and Jesus Christ is the Liar ? Great ! that is really Good, really edifying, really encouraging, really Biblical, really Sound Doctrine, and I should question Gail Ripinger because SHE is the one who happens to point that out about Kittel.

Never mind that any ONE, anyone of the many Textual Critics who are Professors at colleges could EARLIER have written that same point, and could have pointed that out, and could have [ warned ] . ; the Church and the LAYMEN. But THOSE critics chose not to. Well that certainly demonstrates beyond a doubt that Gail’s book and her videos here MUST be wrong (???).

Now the additional secret is this: Kittel wrote in GERMAN, so let’s blame Gail for not knowing German. Oh Wait, the works of

Kittel have been translated into ENGLISH, and you can get Kittels books on the History of the Hebrews [which are unreliable ] in ENGLISH !!!. So you can read what Kittel says in English for yourself.

You can read Westcott talking about his occult drenched Ghostly Guild in English.
You can read Hort talking about how the Greek New Testament is English.

You can read Kittel saying that God is not God and we don’t know what the Bible is, in ENGLISH !

You can Find the work of Ginsburg (C.D. Ginsburg) and his Two Volume work called intro to masoretico critical edition. [ Yes, it IS available online and Free also] It is the most serious scholarly work about which manuscripts of the Old Testament are reliable and which ones are not. What is clear is that Kittel and his work are not Biblical nor accurate, and that their manuscript (leningrad codex) is lacking. That also is true, regardless of your opinion of Ripilnger. Yes, many things are true, even IF Riplinger believers them. So just because she is subject to criticism for bringing truth forward, that does not make her wrong. Concerning the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, Ginsburg is among the top Hebrew Scholars in the world.

In case of potential Interest, for you to make up your own mind:

Here are a few more books & info about versions:

[[[ Issues in N.T. O.T. Canonization - Historic ]]] . ; [[[ N.T. - Latin ]]]. ; [[[ Basis for Inspiration - Haldane - Vol 1 ]]] . ; [[[ Haldane - Vol 02 ]]]. ; [[[ Problems with Bib. Soc. ]]]. ; [[[ Accuracy of Scripture ]]] . ; [[[ Pentateuch - Historic accuracy of ]]]. ;[[[ End times & Paganism ]]] . ; [[[ KJV Credentials ]]]. ; [[[ Significance of changes between Old and New Versions - De Semlyen ]]]. [[[ Geneva Bible ]]] . ; [[[ Best O.T. Manuscripts- Vol 1 ]]]. ; [[[ What is Best OT - Vol 02 ]]] . ; [[[ History of the Received Text (TR) ]]]. ; [[[ Manuscript Corruptions & Answers ]]]. [[[ Study of Codex B - (Vaticn/Sinait.) ]]] . ; [[[ Philosophy of Man ]]]. ; [[[ What Started This All (some) ]]] . ; [[[ The Step by Step raising of questions ]]]. ; [[[ De Semlyen ]]]. [[[ Manuscripts used by Westcott ]]] . ; [[[ Apostasis defined ]]]. ; [[[ the Classic Reply to W & Hort ]]] . ; [[[ Reina Valera - Actual ]]]. ; [[[ Juan Valdes - Spn ]]].
Reviewer: freedomofspeech25 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2011
Subject: Riplinger, or her Research
It is no secret that if you are a Freemason, you can read the work of Albert Pike and find out that for them, GATU (Grand Architect of the Universe) is Lucifer, whom Pike stated (in his Morals and Dogma) to be an Angel of Light. Christians are told to not participate in those kinds of false teachings. Those who do are making the choice to become spiritually deceived. It is also no secret that the New Agers have decided that Lucifer really is a good guy and that they are the ones who can become as divine as Jesus Christ, in fact many of them will tell you that they are Christ. They have concluded that Christ is not the exclusive title of Jesus, but rather for the New Ager “Christ” a title and you can become Christ also. That false teaching comes from somewhere. Some of it obviously comes from New Age leaders who are not shy about their view. But much of it still comes from False versions of the Bible and there are now many false versions.

Everyone wants to be called a Christian, so it is no secret that there will be false books that claim to have “The” truth, which will in fact lead many astray.

Riplinger’s recomendations are interesting: her view is that people should read the Old stuff, the material that Christians used centuries ago, (such as the King James version), and that This is what will make you spiritually stronger. In an age where everyone wants to be the leader of a false group, Riplinger encourages people to go back to[[ History ]] . ; , to other Christians with a good [[ track record ]] . ; .

You don’t have to believe in Riplinger’s understanding of Symbolism to find out about the New Age. You can read what the new agers believe for yourself, in English. You can either read what is already available, or you can their books. What they write about is hardly a secret. If you want to believe that Jesus is not the Christ, and you can become Divine and without Sin by ascending yourself with the help of your spirit guide (demon), then THAT is YOUR choice of what to believe. But that does not make Gail wrong, just because You have not done your homework about Versions and their misuse in the New Age movement. You can study the history of Textual Criticism which is replete with occultist. Study the history of the Jung codex, or explain why James Webb (in his books) speaks of Westcott as being among the Occultists.

Look at the list of early members of the Society for Psychic Research. At least half of them are close personal friends of Westcott and Hort, and many of them are occultists AND also officials in the Anglican Church. That is not speculation simply historic fact. I am not sure what to say to people who think that Riplinger has a problem because she thinks that she speaks to God and that God speaks back to her. News Flash: for Christians that is a normal practice, and it is called Prayer.

Read the works of Professor [[ Burgon]] . ; (3 + [[ Volumes ]] . ; on the [[ Traditional ]] . ; text of the New Testament), or the work of [[ Rawlinson]] . ; or the work of Robert Haldane or Robert Anderson, even [[ R Wilson ]] . ; R . Wilson about the Validity and continued Accuracy of the earlier versions, and THEN go and ask yourself what interest some might have in making sure that what passes for the Word of God becomes muddled, and confused, and hard to understand, all in the name of clarification. The Old Christians passed the tests of being strong in their beliefs, in their personal life, in their testimony, in their writings, and in their defense of the faith.

Most evangelicals today have no clue what they believe. George Barna (who conducts well known research) has released studies for the past 20 years, that shows that every year, fewer and fewer people in Christian circles know what they believe or why. That is not Gail’s fault. That is the fault of the Pastors and the Seminary Professors, who are leading people to bad and false versions. So Gail seems to be pointing people back to use material that will strengthen their faith and help them grow.

Some will be against this, so they will try to say bad things about the [[ Evidence ]] . ; she brings out. We already know the verdict of history and the documents. We know which manuscripts are reliable. And as usual, even those who claim to rely on the Newer versions from Westcott and Hort, still agree that the King James and Geneva Bible are excellent versions. Then WHY NOT use versions that everyone agrees on, instead of defending versions that we know are worse ?

Whatever Gail’s faults are, at least she is not out there trying to contact demons, and get into automated writing, and try to speak to the Dead. Those are the activities that Westcott and Hort were attempting, for decades and decades. If you want to believe that that kind of conduct has NO impact on the translator, on his understanding of the text, on his choice of the words to use, on his conclusions about what to translate or how, then that is your choice. But over and over the Old Testament is filled with warnings for humans to stay away from demonic spirits and religions that worship those beings. If you want to believe that Westcott and Hort are not impacted by those activities, then you are contradicting the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. What you chose is up to you. Each person will live with their choice.

But the problem here is not with those who advocate the use of the King James Version or earlier versions. The challenge remains with those who insist on using any version, so long as it is based or depending on occultists, Westcott and Hort. Those who believe in the Westcott and Hort ONLY versions should not be surprised that their own theology also will suffer the same consequences as the work from their spiritual mentors (Westcott and Hort): those who use those versions loose ( discernment ) . ; discernment, they do not mature well in their faith, and they are often blocked from God’s will. That is not my confession ,but rather the statements of millions of people using modern versions, who have no idea what they DO believe, nor how to hear God, other than through other delusions or other occultists. The problem here is not that Gail has failed because she is not perfect. The problem is that others have found it to their benefit, to believe that it Westcott and Hort know better than the Holy Spirit how to translate the text, even while Westcott and Hort aquired this knowledge through contacts with disembodied spirits. Chose you this day whom you will serve: after you read the research, neither the choices nor the results will be a surprise.

Reviewer: guy1000 - favorite - July 8, 2011
Subject: But she cant read greek or hebrew
Riplinger LOVES to give the impression she teaches Biblical language, Greek or Hebrew but in fact is all her teaching is in Home Economics and interior decorating (with 2 whole years teaching ESL).

The shear number of misrepresentations in this video are astonishing. If one was to address just %10 of them they would have at least a 40 page document. I will illustrate just a couple that stand out.

First, while researching the speaker, I found why she is unable to account for even the most basic Greek translation concepts, she admitted she cant read either Hebrew or Greek. I would consider that a serious disqualification for the claim made at the very start "collating the major bible versions so she could bring to you the most accurate version". If she cant understand what the original is even saying, how can she make the claim that her preference is the "most accurate" this defies simple logic.

She starts by making the claim that "the Devil doesn't want people to know about" prayer and fasting. She says the NASB/NIV "omit" this concept. The NASB I looked at includes the verse in brackets. She then talks about how fasting is omitted yet fails to point out that fasting is still in 9 other places in the NIV (when the king James only has it in 8 places in the new testament). She talks about all the "Omissions" in other translations yet, fails to point out she's comparing those translations to her preferred translation not the original (which again, she couldn't read anyway).

She presents a slide of Greek yet fails to inform her audience that she cant read it and calls it (the P66) the "OLDEST Papyrus in the world" .

Another point she brings up, the triquetra, despite what she believes has been documented by many people who actually do study history to be a symbol in use by the early church long before the masons or the Aquarian Conspiracy was ever written. As for led Zepplin, First the symbol isnt the same and I Should point out that Ozzy Osbournce has used the cross a few times on his album covers, that make that symbol satanic?

at 1:22 She claims she knows more about Latin than any scholar who actually studied Latin.

She demonstrates her ignorance of Hebrew declaring that llyh does not mean "shining one" or "morning star". At 1:18 she claims "I had a student at a university ask me"about Isiah 14, seems to be an odd thing for a student at a Home economics or interior decorating class to be asking or Hebrew at a University, but as with everything else, Gail likes to give the impression that she is a language authority, without every actually saying anything that could call her to be called on the carpet.

It gets worse and worse when she starts defaming people claiming that WW Westcott is some how BF Westcott when though WW Westcott published a book 10 years after BF Westcott was dead.

This video and her book dont hold up to even a casual inspection. Instead of being a serious work on translation and translation issues, it is a work from a paranoid woman who claimed in radio interviews (including a tape she sells on her own site) Divine inspiration and that somehow God is telling her to write these delusions. She speaks to god and even the devil...I wonder if the voices she hears ever really stopped. This added to the fact she cant read any of the languages she is talking about, I think that makes this more suitable to the cult category than a Translation category
Reviewer: Gardentree - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 30, 2011
Subject: NKJV and other versions
This Video has some good information about the NEW KJV [NKJV]. The NKJV claims to be from the same sources as the older original KJV. The problem [for those who are seeking truth about the details] is that the basis for the Old Testament of the NKJV is not the 1525 version of Ben Chayyim (which is the original authentic Hebrew Old Testament). The NKJV was translated using the counterfeit version by German Textual Critic Kittel (much like most modern versions).

The New Testament (in most modern versions) is not translated using the traditional historic Greek Received Text [type in Cura Wilson 1833 ]. That historic Greek Received Text was the New Testament in Greek that was used for 2000 years and kept the true Churches strong, with much inner strength and genuine and authentic connection to a real God. The New Testament in Modern Versions actually relies on the UBS text called the Nestle Aland. That Text in turn relies on the collations of Tischendorf and Westcott and Hort. The NKJV still relies on the Text of Westcott and Hort, as interpolated THROUGH the Greek Collation of Von Soden, another German Textual Critic. [Hoskier - available here - exposes Von Soden and his hundreds of contradictions, in his volumes on Codex B ].

It takes awhile to get to the truth. It is easy to be lazy. It is easy to be discouraged. And it is easy to hope that others will do the work for you. But the truth is for each of us to have, when we have the courage to do the research for ourselves.

Problems with Other versions are also explained in the video. No one is saying that Gail is perfect, only that the material deserves consideration and real research, for those who claim to care about their own spiritual well-being and discernment.

There is other material that does have an impact on modern versions. That would be the topic of the relationship between the rise of a false messiah and the availability of false translations. The background dealing with the false messiah, can be found in the book Hidden Dangers, at:

[Here] . ;

The other work of that same author ( a Planned Deception) can be found

[ Planned Decep] . ;

Reviewer: Spanos - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2011
Subject: Translations, Actual Historic Research, and History (Historia)
Many people know about the time period of the Reformation, (the struggle for human right and democracy in the 1500s and 1600s). Sometimes, the struggle for rights (against the Vatican Hierarchy and the Aristocrats) seems omitted from the comprehensive historic context.

Here is a list of some of the books about the growth of the struggle for Freedom of Conscience and liberty in Spain, which is relevant to Versions and the Spanish-speaking world.


Mucha gente sabe sobre el periodo de tiempo de la Reforma, (la lucha por los derechos humanos y la democracia en los anos 1500 y 1600). A veces, la lucha por los derechos (en contra de la jerarquia del Vaticano y de los aristocratas) parece omitido en el contexto historico global. Aqui esta una lista de algunos de los libros sobre el crecimiento de la lucha por la libertad de conciencia y la libertad en Espana. Hay trabajo en varios volumenes sobre la Reforma en Espana, como Antiguos Reformistas Espanoles,


Muitas pessoas sabem sobre o periodo da Reforma, (a luta pelos direitos humanos e da democracia nos anos 1500 e 1600). As vezes, a luta pelos direitos (contra a hierarquia do Vaticano e os aristocratas) parece omitido a partir do contexto historico global. Aqui esta uma lista de alguns dos livros sobre o crescimento da luta pela liberdade de consciencia e liberdade na Espanha. Ha multi-volume de trabalho sobre a Reforma na Espanha, como espanoles Antiguos Reformistas,


There are multi-volume work on the Reformation in Spain, such as Reformistas antiguos espanoles, [[ Vol -Tomo # 3]] . ; [[ Vol -Tomo # 4]] . ; [[ Vol -Tomo # 5 ]]. ; [[ Vol -Tomo # 6]]. ; [[ Vol -Tomo # 7]]. ; [[ Vol -Tomo # 12]]. ;

[[ Instrucion Cristiana para los ninos ]] . ; [[ El cielo - Donde esta; sus habitantes ]] . ; [[ Historia de los protestantes espanoles ]]. ; [[ Tratado para confirmar los pobres cautivos de berberia en la Catolica y Antigua Fe y Religion (de Valera), author of Reina-Valera Edition ]]. ; [[ Los dos tratados del Papa, I de la misa (de Valera) ]]. ;

La version Reina Valera 1602 (texto original) - tal vez usted se sorprendera al descubrir que las palabras de las versiones modernas de la Reina Valera se han cambiado. La pregunta es si esto se logro a proposito o no. Hay algunos libros e informacion acerca de los cambios intencionales que se hicieron a algunas de las versiones modernas en Ingles, tal como se describe en la obra de [ Burgon] . ; [ More ] . ; [ Haldane] . ;.
o incluso algunos de los criticos mas moderno. Pero la eleccion de lo que la espiritualidad de una persona decide depende de ellos. Esto incluye las palabras elegidas en las versiones de las Sagradas Escrituras que eligieron. Obviamente, los resultados de esa eleccion se hara evidente tambien. Muchas versiones modernas de las Sagradas Escrituras se han encontrado ambiguo y confuso. En anycase, ahora usted puede hacer las comparaciones y los estudios de las palabras por si mismo.

A versao 1602 Reina Valera (texto original) - talvez voce ficara surpreso ao descobrir que as palavras das versoes modernas da Reina Valera ter sido alteradas. A questao e se ou nao isso foi feito de proposito ou nao. Existem alguns livros e informacoes sobre as mudancas intencionais que foram feitas algumas das modernas versoes em Ingles, tal como descrito na obra de de [ Burgon] . ; [ More ] . ; [ Haldane] . ;.

ou mesmo alguns dos criticos mais modernos. Mas a escolha do que a espiritualidade de uma pessoa a decidir isso e com eles. Isso inclui as palavras escolhidas, nas versoes das Sagradas Escrituras que eles escolheram. Obviamente, os resultados dessa escolha tambem sera evidente. Muitas versoes modernas das Sagradas Escrituras foram encontrados ambigua e confusa. Em anycase, agora voce pode fazer as comparacoes e estudos de palavras para si mesmo.

[[[ The 1602 Reina Valera NT version - nuevo (novo) testamento (original text) ]]]. ;

[[[ The 1602 Reina Valera OT version antiguo (velho) testamento (original text) ]]]. ;

(El Salterio (Psalms - Spanish and Hebrew) ) . ; ( or for the New Testament in Hebrew ) . ; (Geneva Bible (English) ) . ; (or the New Testament in Latin ). ; ( Greek - Griego) . ;


For information on the Reformation in Spain (in English), works include:

[[[ progress and suppression of the Reformation in Spain, in the sixteenth century]]] . ; [[[ Life and writings of reformer Juan de Valdes ]]] . ; [[[ Commentary on I Corinthians by Juan de Valdes ]]] . ;

For the reformation in Italy, [[ see here ]]. ; [ or here ]. ;


The 1602 Reina Valera version (original text) - You may be surprised to find out that the words of the modern versions of the Reina Valera have been changed. There seems to be much more to this than natural linguistic drift, or the standard changes that occur as language evolves. The question, when those changes are studied, is whether or not this was accomplished on purpose or not. There are some books and information about some intentional changes that were made to some of the modern versions in English, such as described in the work of [ Burgon] . ; [ More ] . ; [ Haldane] . ;.
or other accurate critics dealing with the original greek text such as Hoskier or Scrivener. But the choice of what spirituality a person decides upon is up to them. This includes the words chosen in the versions of the Holy Scriptures that they chose. Obviously, the results of that choice will be evident also. Many modern versions of Holy Scriptures have been found ambiguous and confusing. In anycase, now you can do the comparisons and the studies of words for yourself.


Una buena version historica de las Sagradas Escrituras (conocida como la version King James) en Ingles se puede encontrar , [ aqui ]. ;. (En el idioma Ingles), es el mayor diccionarios y definiciones de palabras que son los mas importantes. Tambien es la definicion mas antigua que hacer la mayor diferencia para usted, en relacion con las leyes, y la historia del derecho tambien. Mucha gente quiere cambios mayores leyes porque no lo entiendo. En la mayoria de las naciones mayores del imperio Ingles, las leyes antiguas son las que protegen a la persona comun, la persona promedio. Un muy buen diccionario para el estudio del idioma Ingles es la mas antigua diccionario de Webster, el autor, por ejemplo, su diccionario [[[ Volumen 1 ]]] . ; [[[ Volumen 2 ]]] . ; .

Uma boa versao historica das Escrituras Sagradas (conhecido como King James Version) em Ingles pode ser encontrado , [[ see here ]]. ;. (No idioma Ingles, e o mais dicionarios e definicoes de palavras que sao o mais importante. E tambem as definicoes mais velhos que fazem a diferenca para voce, sobre as leis, e da historia do direito tambem. Muitas pessoas querem mudancas nas leis, mais velhos, porque eles nao entendem. Na maioria das nacoes mais antigas do Imperio Ingles, as leis mais velhos sao os que protegem o individuo comum, a pessoa media. Um dicionario muito bom para o estudo do idioma Ingles e o mais velho dicionario

Webster do autor, por exemplo, seu dicionario [[[ Volume 1 ]]] . ; [[[ Volume 2 ]]] . ; .

The historic KJV version in English can be found [ here] . ; . A very good dictionary for the study of the English language is the work of Webster, dicionario [[ Volume 1 ]] . ; [[ Volume 2 ]] . ; .

Ceux qui veulent le livre historique standard sur l'exactitude des manuscrits du vieux testament peuvent trouver ce livre
( ici ) . ;. Ils peuvent egalement trouver plus d'informations dans le travail de Ginsburg [ Tome # 1 ] . ; [ Tome # 2 ] . ;.

Los que quieren el libro historico estandar en la exactitud de los manuscritos del viejo testamento pueden encontrar ese libro (aqui). ;.. Pueden tambien encontrar mas informacion en el trabajo de Ginsburg (Jacob ben Chajim) [ Tomo # 1 ] . ; [ Tomo # 2 ] . ;.

Aqueles que querem o livro historico padrao na exatidao dos manuscritos do testamento velho podem encontrar esse livro ( aqui ) . ;.. Podem igualmente encontrar mais informacao no trabalho de Ginsburg (Ibn Adonijah) [ Tomo 1 ] . ; [ Tomo 2 ] . ;.

Zij die het standaard historische boek op de nauwkeurigheid van de manuscripten van het Oude Testament willen kunnen dat boek [ hier ] . ;. vinden. Zij kunnen meer informatie in het werk van Ginsburg [ Vol. 1 ] . ; [ Vol. 2 ] . ;.ook vinden .

Reviewer: chalkboard - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 7, 2010
Subject: Facts concerning Kittel and discernment
Lets take a look at just one example of how the Modern versions have been altered: The changed text of the Old Testament.

The relevant subject is the work of Kittel. Now Riplinger specifically mentions Kittel. You can find his material online. Kittel was an apostate theologian seduced by textual criticism, who concluded that the Bible was FALSE. Kittel believed that the actual original Old Testament text had been lost, and that the historic Old Testament of the Jews was simply a confused mixture. Kittel also believed that Elohim and Yaweh/Jehovah were TWO separate and distinct gods, from 2 separate groups that did not know how to keep their own religious texts straight.

So, Jesus quotes the Old Testament and affirms its Inspiration and ACCURACY in so doing, But Kittel believes that Jesus was WRONG.

( If you are not familiar with the accuracy of the Bible, see the work on “ The historical evidences of the truth of the Scripture records ” by Rawlinson [Oxford], one of the founders of Biblical Archeology, at: )

So IF the Old Testament is false, then Genesis is False, and if that is the case, then Mankind never fell, there is no sin, nothing to be repented of, and therefore NO NEED for the work of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Most of you would not let Kittel speak in your Church, most of you would not let him lead a Bible Study. Most of you would realize that Kittel is a false teacher who was NOT a Christian believer. So WHY is it then, that whenever you read your Old Testament in a Modern Version, you will allow Kittel to be your guide and your intermediary, through his false translation of the Old Testament ?

Your relationship with God matters so little, that it makes no difference to you, if you let your spiritual life be guided by versions translated by those who AFFIRM from their own testimony that they do not KNOW the Holy Spirit, and that they reject the Inspiration of the Old Testament. But the New Testament is between 40% to 60% a re-quoting of the Old Testament. So if the Old Testament is not trustworthy, then how can the New Testament be trustworthy ?

The Edition of Kittel’s old testament is the “ Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia” . THAT is the very edition which is used for all modern versions of the Bible that contain the altered Old Testament. The copyright holder is UBS. (the copyright holder for the Hebrew or Greek text is almost always UBS for the modern editions). Do your research.

Sure, I “could” be making this up, except you can read all about the doubts and allegations of Kittel.
That is because Kittel openly WROTE about this, in his misguided 2 Volume work, History of the Hebrews

[that is a much better sounding Title than “Kittel false scholar attacks Jesus, Christianity and the Old Testament”, isn’t it ? ]

Lest any should think these things are made up about Kittel, consult his own works, available here at:


Now, let us not forget that there is a different scholar, who was serious scholar, who defended the ACCURATE text of the Hebrew Old Testament. His name was C. D. Ginsburg, and he discusses the
Old Testament manuscripts. His work on the Introduction to the Masoretico-Critical Manuscripts is also available here in a Two Volume Set at:

Introduction to the Masoretico-critical edition of the Hebrew Bible 01

Introduction to the Masoretico-critical edition of the Hebrew Bible 02

There is a lot of material available (such as the works of John Burgon) and others, on the errors of the modern versions. So those who decide not to follow up, but who continue to use modern versions are

And even the Geneva Bible is available here online, at

Several Editions of the KJV are also available. While you still can, do your own research. I am sorry that Gail is not perfect. Where she makes mistakes, then at the very least, she could use your prayers. But that will not change the facts that many modern versions exist, and they are leading many astray and preventing people from accurate spiritual understanding. Good luck if you are reading your old testament from the work of the misguigded Mr. Kittel.
Reviewer: jamesjohn0 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 8, 2009
Subject: Sciptures
I think the scriptures clearly attest to the things she says
Reviewer: thetruthwillfreeyou - favorite - April 5, 2008
Subject: Gail Riplinger makes many errors
New Age Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger contains multiple errors, lies, the majority of which are the gross misquoting of other people. In particular, a large portion of the misquoting is of the Bible, B.F. Wescott and F.J.A. Hort. See her divorces and marriages info.
Reviewer: PurpleParrot - - April 13, 2007
Subject: Where's the Truth?
Ok, I watched the video--and many of her other ones, as a matter of fact. Most of what she claims and states in this video is not true. She exaggerates, outright lies, slanders, and takes all sorts of information and scripture grossly out of context. I checked what she had to say and found that she is not telling the truth 99% of the time. Most people don't check what she says and because she is able to make herself sound honest and smart they just accept that she is telling them the truth. That is very sad because she isn't. For lying to the church and for slandering certain innocent people--and for downright fabricating a false story--I give this video ZERO stars. Come back, Gail, when you have the truth to share with us. Until then, your books and videos are one big fraud.
Reviewer: GirdwoodTelevision - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 29, 2005
Subject: Gripping!
I'm don't usually tell people what to do, but you really aught to watch this!


Get it while you can.
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